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Competitive Advantages

Activity of GRANAT Holding over many years of successful work has a number of competitive advantages:

companies present in Europe, Asia and Russia, which allows to evaluate the markets of different countries objectively, to take into account their culture and traditions of doing business;

a wide, continuously expanding investment portfolio in various fields of business (development, finance, production, social projects, real estate and management);

extensive experience in implementing large-scale investment projects in various spheres of activity;

cooperation with international market leaders, which allows to achieve synergetic effect in the implementation of projects;

flexible matrix management system that allows us to adapt quickly to effective project implementation of any level of complexity;

effective project management and collaboration at every level of project development, from concept to finished objects;

carrying out of a profound analysis of investment prospects in one or another object, taking into account local market conditions, legal framework and the judicial practice of a particular state, as well as the possible risks;

professional counseling of clients at all stages of transactions: from assessing the feasibility and conditions of specific transactions until their full completion;

assistance and accompaniment of customers in the allocation of investments, investment portfolio management, also acquisition and merging of businesses;

work with a constant focus on the client’s interests, the best use of the accumulated over years experience;

continuous monitoring of the dynamically changing situation in the world markets and the operational use of these data at the right time;

advanced decision-making mechanism for investments only in the most effective and profitable tools.

Asset management

Direct Investment

Direct investment is associated with a lower risk, and our “target audience” involves start-up companies and promising market players, or the companies with already developed business, which are seeking to expand or modernize production, enter the new markets or solve other quite ambitious targets.

With the help of our team, investing in such projects can significantly increase the efficiency of business processes, productivity and profitability. We are contributing to our projects not only funds, but also our experience and knowledge, connections and opportunities.

Regardless of the country of operation, we are doing business in reliance on our values, we know and comply with legal standards and regulatory requirements concerning our activities in the certain country.

Direct investment is a path to success and capital growth.

Real Estate

We have experience and are ready to invest funds in long-term projects related to real estate units in Europe, Asia and Russia at any stage of the project.

Our international professional experience, knowledge of the legal standards and regulatory requirements of real estate markets in Europe, Asia and Russia, implemented large-scale investment projects in this area allow selecting the most reliable long-term projects and guaranteeing our investors the reliability and the maximum efficiency of the implementation of such projects. We will conduct consultations on the real estate, will carry out development of the investment and real estate location strategy, our legal department will follow the transaction at the stages of acquisition or sale of real estate. We will provide recommendations on the implementation of direct investments in real estate, and are ready to support investors in organization of additional financing.

We are engaged in the management, monitoring and reporting on acquired assets, along with counselling on the acquisition and sale of tangible assets, as well as their daily management.

Merger & Acquisition

Selling/acquisition or merger transactions - is the most difficult and time consuming investment option, but it is characterized by the highest yield of all possible investment options.

Due to the high professionalism of our experts and analysts, we are expecting the business efficiency growth upon completion of the merger or acquisition transaction. The maximum effect is achieved upon incurrence of the so-called “synergistic effect” after the completion of the merger or acquisition transaction.

Synergistic effect is the result of the cost reduction of the merging companies (eg, administrative costs and advertising costs), and more efficient use of their resources (primarily talking about the use of “economy of scale” in the production process, optimization of the logistic chains and reduction of the value of debt financing). In some cases, synergistic effect can be very, very significant, especially in the case of consolidation of companies, whose business complement each other very well, or in case of creation of the player in the result of the transaction, who controls the most of the market.

We provide assistance in structuring of the transaction, conduction of the negotiations with the buyer or seller, preparation of the draft agreement of business sale and purchase, and can also provide support by means of legal counselling on a regular basis.

Moreover, upon completion of the acquisition, we can provide assistance in the process of integration of the acquired business with the existing one. We help our clients optimize the value of the transaction by:

Reduction of uncertainty level and reduction of the number of risks associated with the transaction.

Identification of key cost factors, as well as critical analysis of the assumptions underlying the predictions of the future performance results of the purchased/selling business.

Identification of the optimal transaction structure.

Improved customer’s performance in the process of the negotiations.

Reduction of the number of unexpected situations and minimization of interference with the operating activities of the seller.

Assistance in transaction completion.

Cooperation with the management in the process of integration of the purchased and existing business upon completion of the transaction.

Project Financing

In the light of long-term experience of the experts from various fields of business and financial institutions, GRANAT Holding is offering project financing - financing of a separate investment project where the source of funds for the return of received funding is a free cash flow generated solely by this project.

The security may involve only those assets that have been acquired for the implementation of this project.

We offer:

  • Business modelling and structuring;
  • Development of an optimal financing scheme of the investment project both by the value of the attracted capital, and by the way of attraction;
  • Assessment of infrastructure investments;
  • Asset and liability management;
  • Strategic financing;
  • Attraction of long-term financing.

Portfolio Management

In the course of practice in the field of search and selection of investment instruments, our team has formed the balanced investment portfolio, which was knowledgeably selected by virtue of the optimal ratio of profit and risk.

Each instrument involves its strictly defined proportion of the portfolio, calculated on the basis of its profitability, degree of risk, minimum investment periods, ease of use and management, and other important features. In addition, our specialists are constantly analyzing the market in order to find new interesting opportunities and tools. At the moment, the investment portfolio of the Holding consists of the following tools:

  • Offline projects. We invest in promising projects of the real sector. At this stage, it is a construction business, mass media and service sector. Due to the nature of this type of investment, its implementation in the portfolio is a stagewise long-run work, which requires a strong selection and intensive investment. This is vector of goals for the nearest future.
  • Start-ups. Our specialists are constantly working at the search for the authors of the ideas of the original online projects that don’t have sufficient funds in order to implement the idea and the project. In case of the successful implementation of this project the potential income may amount to the thousands per cent, but only a small part of these projects comes to life and pay off. Moreover, the implementation of projects takes several months, and sometimes years.
  • Online projects. We also consider the possibility of financing the long-term projects on the Internet.
  • Exchange instruments. This is the most “conservative” part of the investment portfolio. It includes a variety of strategies of stock trading on NYSE and NASDAQ, and to a greater extent, work with future and option contracts on USA raw exchange markets and commodity exchanges (CME, СВОЕ, NYMEX).

Legal services

The specialists of GRANAT Holding will provide services at the highest professional level, will help you choose the correct and profitable investment, will provide full legal support as well as the necessary consultations for the obtainment of the residence permit and will take over the management of your investments. 

Legal support minimizes financial risks and strengthens the legal framework of the investments. We are ready fully to take over the solution of the legal issues and provide counselling.

The specialists of GRANAT Holding provide :

  • Support for real estate transactions;
  • Legal support, protection of interests in court, due diligence;
  • Assistance in obtainment of a residence permit, business in a foreign country;
  • Legal support of all transactions, including real estate transactions, management and exploitation;
  • Registration of ownership;
  • Bankruptcy of legal entities and other services.

Our holding guarantees an individual approach to the problems and challenges of each client.

Obtaining residence permit in EU

Current offer for individuals: assistance in obtainment of temporary or permanent residence permits in the European countries.

GRANAT Holding is ready to provide support in obtainment of temporary or permanent residence permits in the European countries to its partners and clients – individuals.

Industry expertise

GRANAT has established a presence as one of the most trusted and successful private investors among its clients.

Our portfolio covers industries such as development, finance, production, social projects, real estate and management.




Social projects

Real estate


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