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GRANAT Holding traces its history to 1995, when the company's founders created their first business. During the working process, it has implemented a number of major projects in various sectors of business and economics. Commitment, reliability and the ability to implement business ideas helped earn the trust of partners and clients.

Today GRANAT is an international holding company, which has managed to implement effective investment projects and make them successful during 20 years of its operation.

Over the past ten years, we have significantly expanded our presence in Europe, Asia and Russia.

Our offices are located in London (UK), Frankfurt am Main (Germany), Moscow (Russia), Tbilisi (Georgia) and Riga (Latvia).

In GRANAT Holding are working top-level experts and talented professionals. Our international team feels confident in the local business environment of each country and, more importantly, knows well the traditions and features of national mentalities and historical business traditions.

The team of GRANAT Holding uses its knowledge for the benefit of our clients and is always ready to offer the most profitable business solutions and provide the most effective and safe implementation.

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Under conditions of constantly changing markets, multinational professionals at GRANAT deliver optimal performance to enhance success. Investment and management team consists of highly experienced and talented professionals with field-specific expertise and we always seek for inprovement.

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GRANAT Holding attaches great importance to implementation of various social projects. In particular, projects aimed at providing support to those who will build our future - the talented youth.

Applications for attracting investment can be sent to the email address The Holding experts review and analyze all incoming requests, and will contact the authors of promising projects.

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Mission & Strategy

The mission of GRANAT Holding is to promote the preservation and augmentation of capital through the implementation of promising projects. Successful management of own equity allows the holding to attract an increasing number of clients, who are also interested in preserving and exaggeration of their funds.

Long-term strategy of the international Holding is to create favorable conditions for business and investment distribution. In order to implement this strategy, GRANAT applies its strong competitive advantages and a systematic approach to project realization.

From the first days of the Holding's activity, accent is put on investing in projects with a high degree of cost-effectiveness and profitability.

The second strategic objective is to ensure full support of clients in their business activities and the formation of their investment portfolios.

Companies, that are part of the Holding, help clients assess the feasibility of investments or transactions, and, in case they are carried out, provide them with the right flow and a favorable outcome.

Medium-term Holding operation plans include the establishment and strengthening of a team of associates for the effective implementation of successful projects; stimulation of business activity in the countries where the companies, that are part of the Holding, are present; and effectivization of projects that are already part of the investment portfolio of GRANAT.