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The Holding unites companies in Europe, Asia and Russia, which operate in different areas of economy, taking into account the specifics of local markets and trends.

From the very beginning, the development strategy of GRANAT Holding is based on long-term investments. Including marketable assets with high growth potential.

We specialize in: Direct Investment, Real Estate, Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Financing, Portfolio Management, Corporate Legal Services, Assistance in obtainment of temporary/permanent residence permits in Europe, Industry expertise.


We are conducting in-depth analysis of world financial and commodity markets, providing analysis and diagnosis of the desired investments, evaluating the potential risks and the development trends of the project, performing financial modeling and developing strategic and operational plans and budgets. We are operating in the area of validity of many legal and regulatory requirements that protect investors all over the world.


Our counseling on a wide range of issues - from the assessment of the transaction up to its execution and assistance in post-acquisition integration - will help investors to determine the feasibility and settling conditions of this transaction with greatercertainty. All this is the key to the asset growth of our companies, investors and partners.

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